19 October 2009

Tips and Tricks Yahoo! Messenger

Tips and tricks yahoo messenger, that is how to join to a chat room, using multiple ID, using invisible nickname and share file using yahoo messenger

Join a Chat Room in Yahoo Messenger

  • From the Messenger menu, select Yahoo! Chat and Join a Room…
  • Pick the Yahoo! ID you want to display in the chat room
  • Then select the room you want to join. You can browse by category to bring up the room you want to enter.
  • Click the Go to Room
  • When it verifies that you’re connected, click the Enter Chat button.
Using Multiple ID in Yahoo Messenger
Simply close your messenger if it is On and then follow the following steps :
  1. Open Registry editor go to Start – Run then type regedit, enter.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_ USER / Software / yahoo / pager / Test
  3. On the right page , right-click and choose new Dword value .
  4. Rename it as Plural.
  5. Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.
  6. Simply start the messenger and login your account, once you sign in, again click on the Yahoo messenger
Using Invisible Nickname in chat rooms
  • Go to edit profile
  • in the nick name type a (space character) on it just press Alt 0160 ( or ALT+255 ) and save it
  • now go to yahoo chat room and see your nick name empty.. Alt+0160 is a keyboard shortcut for space..
Share files Using Yahoo Messenger (File Transfer)
  • to share files with friends instantly
  • Choose Send a File from Actions menu
  • Select Contact
  • Select the file to send
  • open

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