31 October 2009

No Such Interface Supported Error in Y! Intai

If you install Y! Intai, the first step you have to do is having yahoo messenger installed properly in your computer. Why this is must be done? Because Y! Intai is affiliated to the file that used in Yahoo Messenger. If you first try to operate Y! Intai, some time, when you want to see or spy your friend via web cam, an error message “no such interface supported” emerged. Why this is happen?

Rapidshare Downloader

As you knew, I used Rapidshare File Hosting to share yahoo tools files software in this blog. I knew that Rapidshare is not free user friendly file hosting because the limit download policy they applied. To have unlimited access to download files from rapidshare file hosting you may need premium account. Rapidshare web page for some region or connection also loaded slowly. For all of that reason, even this is not the best solution, I will give you Rapidshare Downloader or sometimes calls as Rapidshare Getter or RapGet to help you download all the files in rapidshare server, especially, files that I’ve been uploaded.

Winamp Status Changer

You can download Winamp status Changer here : http://www.4shared.com/file/57374137/d3e02721/WinAmp_YahMod.html?dirPwdVerified=19011927

With Winamp Status Changer you can make your status in Yahoo Messenger display like the title song in Winamp that you playing in: title song, artist and else. What we mean status here refer to the Yahoo Messenger Status Message and Winamp is.... You have to know what we mean about this, right?

Disable n Remove Ads on Yahoo Messenger 9 using Hosts File

This is simple tricks and almost easiest way to disable or remove Ads aka Advertisements from Yahoo Messenger 9 (in all version, newest update included). Banner Ads would suddenly remove using this trick.

The ways to remove this YM 9 Ads is simple: Just make the ads don't allow to download from the internet address resources servers. This means, by modified the way we connect to the internet, Yahoo Messenger 9 Ads would be removed and disappears forever.

Learn C++ Programming for Beginner

I remember the first time I learned C++ Language in my College. Even though, I have learned basic material in C++, as a time going, I forget how to programming software or things with C++. Thank God, I found a lesson or an e book that can be use as a Tutorial to study and learn C++ without any teacher at all. Yes, this book has to be learned by your self.

With a basic step day to day, the author told us that this C++ lesson can be finished in 21 days. A lot of sample, syntax, analysis of code of C++ program and C++ code are in there. The code being used in this C++ learning book is the basic needed for newbie like us. You don’t need an previous experience in programming to learn C++ with this book. It will make us learning C++ fast and easy

The fundamental lessons such as: managing I/O, loops and arrays, object-oriented programming, templates, and creating C++ application all in well structured and easy to follow lessons. This books created by Greg Wiegand Sams. Thank to him for a good C++ lesson.

Unfortunately, this C++ lesson, sometime not working properly in Borland C++, because the author use basic C++ for an example in each program sample he wrote. You need to change a little bit the samples program to make it work in Boland C++ or Microsoft C++.

This C++ tutorial divided in 3 weeks lesson that mean in three degree of understanding. Week 1 for beginner learn of C++ programming that discuss history, Hello World sample, and introduce a basic language of C++. Week 2 for advance understanding and Week 3 for Experienced understanding.

You can download this “Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days” Book tutorial here.

MicLocker: Play Song mp3 in Chat Room Yahoo Messenger

Mic Locker is acronym of Microphone Locker which use in chat room yahoo messenger to lock the talk button (green color). With Mic Locker software you can play a song in chat room via winamp or other software sound without you need a microphone installed in your computer. Manually, we can play a song in chat room by attaching microphone to the speaker active. But with this software you just play a song or sound or voice with your winamp program and directly play your song in chat room. No need microphone or speaker its self. MicLocker also easy to use: Just drag the mic locker to the talk green button and you can enjoy the facility of this software.

Yahoo Password Changer: Easiest Way to Change Your Yahoo! Password

How you change your yahoo password? You must take a few steps via internet browser to change your password. Consequently, you step to change your password spend long time to make a change. You have to login your yahoo ID and type a password in a internet browser, than you must click some link to the directions where you can change your password

Unlock / Unban Banned Yahoo! ID Account

In my other article, I have written about how to unlock Locked ID. What is the difference between Locked ID and Banned ID? It seem a same thing because Locked ID and Banned ID also can not be used to login in yahoo messenger. An easy way to understand the difference between Locked ID and Banned ID is, Banned ID is Locked up ID COMPLETELY. Usually an ID who got banned because of again the rule or Term of Service of Yahoo Messenger.

Multiple ID Yahoo! Messenger: Chatting with two or more ID in one Computer

Normally, we only can login our user name or ID in yahoo messenger with one ID, especially if you used an official yahoo messenger. But we also understand that we can use another ID with a simple step by making another public ID. With a public ID we can chat with different ID in one login user name. But, we cannot be join chat room with two or more public ID in the same time. We can only chat with two ID or more in the

How to Make ASCII Character to Your Nickname of Yahoo! Messenger?

ASCII nicknames character can be used to your yahoo messenger nickname and can be seen in chat room yahoo messenger. If you want to get a unique nickname with ASCII nicknames character on it, you must first know how to change your yahoo messenger nickname. You can change your nickname yahoo messenger by follow a menu trough windows chat room of yahoo messenger. Nevertheless, this is not a better step and I do not recommend you to take this step. The reason is, if you change your nickname via window chat room of

How to Clone or Duplicate Friend’s Nickname in Chat Room Yahoo! Messenger

Long time ago, when I got a conversation in chat room, I face that my exactly nickname, talk without I type a sentence to the chat room. Then I realize that that my clone’s nickname not my username. That nickname belong to others person who copy or duplicate my nickname and chat with clone nickname. How it is work? How to make a clone likes that?

Virtual Camera Fake Webcam VCam

Webcam Spy - Watch Remote Webcam at Other Place Computer

This is a great webcam Spy. You can run at your computer silently then you can control at other computer or place. With this tools you can use without need permission. The Name of this software is I Can See You Webcam Spy. For short review about this software here I quote below.

I-Can-See-You WebCam Spy software runs silent on the computer you install it and lets you watch your home or any other location live using any computer with web access. When that computer goes online, you get an email with the remote address so you can connect and watch it live. Great for babysitters, spouses, kids, while your gone on vacation, watching your employees, security and much more. Easy to use! Register your copy today!

For others review here I quote from the official site:

Secretly watch your home or office with a webcam

I-Can-See-You lets you watch your home or office live from any computer with a webcam. Its great for security purposes when your away from your home. And even better if you want to watch your baby sitter while your out.

I-Can-See-You will send you an email when the computer goes online with a link to connect to it. This way you can watch through your web browser with one click. You can also download our viewer software that offers more features such as smoother live video, save picture frames and more. So you have two different ways to watch the webcam live!

  • Download our demo first to see I-Can-See-You in action!
  • Watch your home or office PC using a webcam.
  • Receive an email with a link to watch it live using your web browser.
  • Supports two webcams at once.
  • Runs silent and undetected by anyone.
  • Have the piece of mind knowing whats going on at your home or office.
For another screenshot see the picture below:

This not freeware software.
Download Webcam Spy : http://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=8319-16

Find invisibles in Yahoo! Messenger

Change Yahoo Messenger Skin

Yahoo Messenger Skin in default, use Indigo Skin. If you want to change Yahoo Messenger skin, there are 2 others skin that you can choose beside of Indigo Skin. In default, if you did not add others Yahoo Messenger skin such as Aqua Skin, You only can choose Classic Skin and Maverick Blue Skin. This tutorial used Yahoo Messenger 8 or lower such as 7 or 6. For Yahoo Messenger 9 its apply a different Skin, but the way you can change the Yahoo Messenger Skin still remain the same.

Yahoo Boots Program: What is and What for?

Yahoo Boots Program is software that developed to load a certain kind of bots then use it to flood ( yahoo messenger bots flood) somebody else in yahoo messenger chat wiht yahoo booter id. Without yahoo boots program or booter program a lamer cannot attack us or make us disconnected. Sometime, yahoo boot program is developed to attack a special chat client such as YahElite, Yazak, YmLite or else.

Passwords Recovery for Yahoo Messengers ICQ, MSN, Google Talk - Messenger Key

How to Make Tattoo Nickname in Yahoo Messenger

What is Tattoo?

Tattoo in yahoo messenger meant a symbol or an icon such as star, heart, clock, flash, circle, car, square, triangle, etc, that embedded with nickname in yahoo messenger. Tattoo only appear when we enter to chat room and type a message in there. Tattoo is a unique character. If you have seen this kind of tattoo before, I believe, in the first sight you are amazed and wondered. How does tattoo work? How do they make it?

Yahoo! Messenger 3.0 Beta for Mac OS X (download)

26 October 2009

View Yahoo Webcam Without Permission

Without No doubt, It almost impossible for us to achieve an access to view yahoo webcam without Permission. We believe that what we means about, Accessing Yahoo Webcam without Permission is a way we don’t even need an permission or acceptance from the owner of the web cam of yahoo messenger to view their webcam. We already knew that Yahoo Messenger designed to handle view webcam had to accept first from the user before they can view their webcam. So, is there any possibility to view Yahoo Messenger webcam without Permission?

Access View Yahoo Webcam Auto Accept
Legally, there is only one way to view webcam “without need a permission”. Without need a permission here, means that we don’t even to wait the owner of the yahoo webcam to click or push the accept button of request window of yahoo messenger webcam. It is better if we call this “without need a permission” in legal way is “Yahoo Webcam Auto Accept“. How to make auto accept of Yahoo Webcam? Go to webcam setting and then add user in the box of “Always allow the following people to view my webcam“. This will make the user that has this option will always set auto accept when they are requesting the owner webcam. The problem is how we can add our yahoo id in there? Just figure it out how you can do it. OK?

View Webcam Without Permission Remote Webcam

We will tell you, this software called as I Can See You is work like CCTV. That way we can use it as “Webcam Without Permission”. Without Permission in here means that we don’t need to accept the view webcam or when we try to view webcam because the web cam is always set accepted. No need Messenger Client Service to do it. All we have to have just Webcam and Internet Connection. How to achieve it?

Like we said above, this Remote Webcam is software that will remote from others computer of the webcam computer that been installed the software. For example, we can view our webcam in home or office when we are far away from them such as in vacation or in a way home.

Unfortunately, this software that sometime called as Webcam Spy is not freeware software. You need to buy it to use it. You can buy at here :  http://www.regnow.com/

View Webcam Without Permission
If you insist how to view webcam without permission (not in Yahoo Messenger) you can try the Messenger Services or Webcam Services that would allow you to view others webcam without Permission. For example you can use Camfrog or Camcom Webcam service without need Permission. : 

22 October 2009

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Ads Remover Advertisement Killer

Just got some interesting Yahoo Messenger Tool for your latest version of YM: Yahoo Messenger 10 Ads Remover. That means with this Yahoo Tool you can use it to block or kill any advertisement available in the YM 10 Version (at this state is in Beta Version).  You can remove Advert in you Main Messenger window, in Change Room Banner, Banner Ads in Chat Room, Webcam Adverts, and even use to make Multiple Instant aka Polygamy ID for your

20 October 2009

The History of Yahoo!

Yahoo! began as a student hobby and evolved into a global brand that has changed the way people communicate with each other, find and access information and purchase things. The two founders of Yahoo!, David Filo and Jerry Yang, Ph.D. candidates in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, started their guide in a campus trailer in February 1994 as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. Before long they were spending more time on their home-brewed lists of favorite links than on their doctoral dissertations. Eventually,

19 October 2009

Tips and Tricks Yahoo! Messenger

Tips and tricks yahoo messenger, that is how to join to a chat room, using multiple ID, using invisible nickname and share file using yahoo messenger

Join a Chat Room in Yahoo Messenger

Invisible scanner hype

Hello, I’ll be your guide for this blog over the years. I am going to write about this hype, what happened and why all this crazyness begun and other interesting storyes. If you follow me maybe you’ll get some interesting things, who knows. I’m here to help you out.  

Invisible scanner competition

I was writing about you have to rank #1 in Google (and by Google I mean all all searchers). Traffic means money. More trafic means more money (if you know how to make the money), but first let’s make the traffic.    

Yahoo invisible checker

Nowadays people are really interested in yahoo invisible check. Our site is the solution for this problem. Simply type in the desired id and you will se the resulted yahoo status and it's avatar too. Is it really that simple? With us, it is! Try it out, because we are  #1 in yahoo status detect! Invisible or not?

What is yahoo scan?

Is when you scan on yahoo for invisible people. In fact it tells you the status of the entered yahoo id, which can be online,offline or invisible.