31 October 2009

Learn C++ Programming for Beginner

I remember the first time I learned C++ Language in my College. Even though, I have learned basic material in C++, as a time going, I forget how to programming software or things with C++. Thank God, I found a lesson or an e book that can be use as a Tutorial to study and learn C++ without any teacher at all. Yes, this book has to be learned by your self.

With a basic step day to day, the author told us that this C++ lesson can be finished in 21 days. A lot of sample, syntax, analysis of code of C++ program and C++ code are in there. The code being used in this C++ learning book is the basic needed for newbie like us. You don’t need an previous experience in programming to learn C++ with this book. It will make us learning C++ fast and easy

The fundamental lessons such as: managing I/O, loops and arrays, object-oriented programming, templates, and creating C++ application all in well structured and easy to follow lessons. This books created by Greg Wiegand Sams. Thank to him for a good C++ lesson.

Unfortunately, this C++ lesson, sometime not working properly in Borland C++, because the author use basic C++ for an example in each program sample he wrote. You need to change a little bit the samples program to make it work in Boland C++ or Microsoft C++.

This C++ tutorial divided in 3 weeks lesson that mean in three degree of understanding. Week 1 for beginner learn of C++ programming that discuss history, Hello World sample, and introduce a basic language of C++. Week 2 for advance understanding and Week 3 for Experienced understanding.

You can download this “Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days” Book tutorial here.

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