31 October 2009

Rapidshare Downloader

As you knew, I used Rapidshare File Hosting to share yahoo tools files software in this blog. I knew that Rapidshare is not free user friendly file hosting because the limit download policy they applied. To have unlimited access to download files from rapidshare file hosting you may need premium account. Rapidshare web page for some region or connection also loaded slowly. For all of that reason, even this is not the best solution, I will give you Rapidshare Downloader or sometimes calls as Rapidshare Getter or RapGet to help you download all the files in rapidshare server, especially, files that I’ve been uploaded.

This Rapidshare Downloader also has code recognition for such share servers as rapidshare.de, megaupload.com, slil.ru and others. This is RapGet Version 1.4, you may need to download a newest version to make a better download.

Click here to download

Download Rapidshare Downloader winrar file from Rapidshare, then, extract with winrar, click RapGet Application, and Rapidshare Downloader will ready to use.

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