19 October 2009

Invisible scanner hype

Hello, I’ll be your guide for this blog over the years. I am going to write about this hype, what happened and why all this crazyness begun and other interesting storyes. If you follow me maybe you’ll get some interesting things, who knows. I’m here to help you out.  


If you don’t know something then Google is going to tell you. Let’s look at google trends and see when invisible scanner idea was started. You’ll see that the ideea comed in february 2008 and it’s still a hype.
Psychological reasons. Simples as that and not so simple. Peeps (people 2.0 or people who use the internet to much) are just curios. I guess it can be interesting for you to if your girlfriend is cheating on you. In our days we kinda live our life more online than offline. No?
The web is evolving. Social media to and other crappy things for the peeps to get in. It was buddy spy, but it does not work to got. Also, this type of soft needed us to use an yahoo id and a password to login. Bullshit, the web is easier, just type the id and find out how and why. The web invisible scanner is an interesting tool of reverse psychology. Peeps are easily to exploat. Give them what they want and make money. This is the key to succes.

Do you? Hmm..

I am a selfish guy, more like you. If you got a secret in your hands that would make you millionaire, would you tell it to your best friends? No, probably not. I am going to tell to you how you can make money from this hype.  Do you know that the #1 rank site for the keyword invisible scanner got 20k+ vizitors? Hei, this means money, traffic means money. Think like a marketer, don’t just stand there and watch. Make something.

Don’t be stupid

Don’t let this hype pass. It will pass perhaps, one month later, one year, who knows. But I know one thing, you can make money from it right now. Don’t be stupid, don’t just stand there and watch. I saw many sites named like: yahooinvisible and crap. They don’t know a thing about seo, there is no way to make money if you rank numer 10000 in Google results. You just loose your money for hosting and domain, just that.
Why am I blogging about it? (you told us you’re selfish)
I know, I’m just testing and practicing SEO. I’m nost an expert, I am an ambitious guy who wants to make money online. I make money online right now, while writing this to you. Yes, I do. But I can make more money if I practice and learn more. You can make money with me, just be careful at whatam I writing here.

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