31 October 2009

No Such Interface Supported Error in Y! Intai

If you install Y! Intai, the first step you have to do is having yahoo messenger installed properly in your computer. Why this is must be done? Because Y! Intai is affiliated to the file that used in Yahoo Messenger. If you first try to operate Y! Intai, some time, when you want to see or spy your friend via web cam, an error message “no such interface supported” emerged. Why this is happen?

Y! Intai is designed to work with yahoo messenger dll’s file. The message “no such interface supported” is appears because some of dll file that used by Y! Intai has been changed or removed. It is usually because you using Yahoo Messenger Version 8 or higher. Therefore, the solution of “no such interface supported” error is, remove your Yahoo Messenger Version 8, and install with lower version such as Yahoo Messenger Version 7. When Yahoo Messenger Version 7 gives a notification to upgrade to higher level, just click cancel on it or disobey it.

You can also fix “no such interface supported” error by copying some dlls files that needed by Y! Intai.

Here you can download Yahoo Messenger Old Version .

If this trick doesn't help your problem, try to install YCabby first. You can download YCabby Here

Click here to download YCabby

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