19 October 2009

Invisible scanner competition

I was writing about you have to rank #1 in Google (and by Google I mean all all searchers). Traffic means money. More trafic means more money (if you know how to make the money), but first let’s make the traffic.    

Number 10 on the first ten Google search results gets 1% of monthly traffic for the searched keyword. I’ve tested if on a blog of mine. Number 5 gets 2,3 % (yes, you read it right) and number one gets the big part. So, if your not number one, you won’t get big traffic and no money. Simple!

I’ll show to you that the most important thing about invisible scnaner hype is not the damn script (altough it’s kinda easy to code in PHP) but the seo. I’ve told you that I saw many many sites with the working script that don’t get traffic because they are not in the top of results. Don’t expect the damn script to get you traffic. It’s not a blog (like this one), it’s a web site and social media sucks at this part. You provide a service, you kinda sell something, you can’t really socialize a nothing, you can online seo it. My idea is to seo the web site and socialize this blog. Like that I’m going to get more traffic.
Today is 14 february 2009. Let’s look at the statistics for my web site and see them. I’ll write them here over the days and months to show you can you can make an succesful site/traffic based on seo.
  • if you look in google trends you’ll see that invisible scanner searching is growing over the months. Check this out. So the niche is good, it is a small niche that is going to grow, but only smart and devoted peeps will make traffic and money from it. 
  • you can see that the romanians are the mos searching peeps.
  • if you use google adwords tool you’ll see that in january almost 60k peeps search for the keyword invisible scanner, this means 2k peeps per day. This means 1k peeps per day for the #1 rankins site for this keywords. Cool, no? And this are not the only keywords searched, there are more and more, small niches to. We’ll take them all, step by step.
  • there are almost 2 milion web pages in this competition. 
  • I rank #10 în Romania.
  • I rank #7 in States (according Google.com).
  • this is not helping me coz I get 0,5% traffic based on this keywords. How much is 0,5% from 2k? 10 peeps, whow! When I’m going to rank #1 I’ll get 100 more peeps per day into my site.
Enough about me, let’s talk about competition. Your competition is not your enemy. How can you say your competition is your enemy when pr1 with a few good links rank #2 in Google?? It’s easy to bet, just follow a few steps from basic seo and you’ll bet them.
One of the mistakes I saw people do (who own site’s with invisible scanner script) is that they comment on every blog, no matter is has no follow or do follow. People, just install do follow plugin for firefox and see if a blog got do follow before even botter commenting. No follow links don’t count, they don’t pass anything to your site. This only shows us that #2 site-s in Google for invisible scanner keywords don’t know a hack about seo. So, easy to beat.

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