27 July 2010

How to Review Yahoo Mail Spam Folder Periodically

Yahoo! Mail includes the ability to automatically filter spam to the Bulk Mail folder. This works fairly well and keeps your Yahoo! Mail Inbox practically spam-free. 

But the filters are not perfect, and so a desired message may end up in the Bulk Mail folder instead of the Inbox. 

Review Your Yahoo! Mail "Spam" Folder Periodically

That's why you should
  • go to the Spam (or Bulk in Yahoo! Mail Classic) folder in Yahoo! Mail once in a while to see whether any legit mail has been hiding there.
Keep in mind that messages in the Spam folder will be deleted automatically after 30 days, so be sure to visit it at least that often. 

In addition to reviewing the contents of the Spam folder yourself, you can mark erroneously filtered messages as not junk:
  • Open the message or check it in the message list.
  • Click Not Spam.

26 July 2010

How To Make a Facebook Profile is Not Indexed by Search Engines?

You can easily keep your online privacy by avoid having your public search listing crawled by search engines. Just follow these steps in order to do so:

When someone searches for your Facebook profile on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista etc.) they’ll hit your public search instance (that includes a thumbnail, your name as recorded on Facebook database, your regional network etc)
* Login to your Facebook account
* Hit Privacy
* Hit Search
* Now deselect the following statement: “Create a public search listing for me and submit it for search engine indexing.”
* Hit Save
You have just made sure that your facebook profile won’t be showing up on search engines. Allow a month or so to have it removed from the search engine result pages.

    23 July 2010

    Download Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Mobile 3.1.2
    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others.
    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

    With Facebook Mobile, you can use Facebook on the go. Use Facebook Mobile to upload photos and notes from your camera phone straight to Facebook. You can also receive and reply to Facebook messages, pokes and Wall posts using text messages, or use your phone’s mobile browser at m.facebook.com.

    The Mobile application page displays mobile photos recently uploaded by your friends and a phonebook that you can use to look up your friend’s phone numbers.

    What's new
    - Fix some crashes
    - Fix a bug causing incorrect matches in address book sync
    - Fix a bug causing incorrect matches for contacts with the same name

    Download here : http://www.brothersoft.com/mobile/facebook-mobile-524.html
    Compatible devices : Click here for the devices list

    21 July 2010

    How to Check Other Email Accounts with Yahoo! Mail

    While you are on the road and have access only to a web browser (in an Internet café, for example), you can use your Yahoo! Mail account to access other POP3 email accounts (your work mail, for example).

    Check Other Email Accounts with Yahoo! Mail

    To set up Yahoo! Mail for checking other email accounts:
    In Yahoo! Mail:
    • Select Options | Mail Options from the toolbar. 
    • Go to the Accounts category.
    • Follow the Add or edit an account link.
    • In Yahoo! Mail Classic:
      • Go to Mail Options.
      • Select Mail Addresses under Management.
    • Choose Check Other (POP) Mail.
    • Click Add.
    • Give the account a descriptive name under Account Name:.
    • Click Continue.
    • Enter your name under Name:.
    • Type the account's email address under Email:.
    • Click Continue
    • Enter your mail server name, user name and password under Setup Mail Server.
    • Click Setup Mail Server

    18 July 2010

    Shortcut keys For Yahoo Messenger

    Here I describe how we can know Shortcut keys Yahoo Messenger Here you can understand we can do this in simple steps. 

    Use Of Shortcut keys For Yahoo Messenger

    Are you always getting frustrated when you use that long procedure to send something to your yahoo friends?
    Here is the Solution for your problem Just Use those Shortcut keys for sending your specific thing to Your friends who are connected to Yahoo.
    • Windows Key + Y – This shortcut key Bring Yahoo Messenger to Focus, works even if Yahoo Messenger is sitting in the system tray.
    • Ctrl + G – This shortcut key Buzzes the contact you are chatting with.
    • Ctrl + Shift + 0,1 or 2 – This shortcut key Switches between different messaging formats provided by Yahoo Messenger 9 and above.
    • Ctrl + Shift + A – This shortcut key Gives options to add a contact.
    • Ctrl + Y –This shortcut key Send a email message.
    • Ctrl + K – shortcut key Provides options to Call a phone number. 
    More Shortcut keys For Yahoo Messenger :
    • Ctrl + L – shortcut key Gives you option to make a call.
    • Ctrl + T – shortcut key Gives you option to send a SMS message.
    • Ctrl + M – shortcut key Gives you option to send a Instant message.
    • Ctrl + Shift + P – shortcut key Open preferences window.
    • Ctrl + H – shortcut key Show or Hide offline contacts in main yahoo messenger Window.
    • Esc key – This shortcut key Closes a active message window.
    • Ctrl + Shift + R – shortcut key Request contact details in a active chat window. 
    Some More Shortcut keys which supports Yahoo Messenger Are :
    • Ctrl + Shift + M – shortcut key Send you messenger friend list in a active chat window.
    • Ctrl + Shift + C – shortcut key Send you contact info in a active chat window.
    • Ctrl + Shift + F8 – shortcut key Change your display Image.
    • Ctrl + Shift + D – shortcut key Sign out of Yahoo Messenger client and sign in to your mobile device.
    • Ctrl + D – shortcut key Sign out of Yahoo Messenger.
    • Ctrl + B – shortcut key Toggle bold on or off, or convert selected text to bold.
    • Ctrl + I – shortcut key Toggle italic on or off, or convert selected text to italic.
    • Ctrl + U – shortcut key Toggle underline on or off, or convert selected text to underline.

    Organized Links For Yahoo Search Engine

    IS you Aware About Yahoo Search Engine Optimization For Your Own Website ?  I Am Sure you are and really want to see top in indexing it is not easy task if you are a biginner. 

    With the help of proper link building you can rank better then before .

    Here is a one of the tip Which can help you little to feel better on yahoo search engine. 

    We all know that ranking in google is the toughest thing to do it can drive bulk of traffic in your website but what about that if you don't have top indexing in google ? So to get a nice rid of traffic in your website you can optimize website who is better for yahoo search Engine.

    For Yahoo Search Engine you need to optimize your links in a well fashion
    There are so many things to consider when you are trying to optimize links for yahoo search engine.

    * The First thing have know Always use your Keyword In Links this will take more attention then any other thing.

    If I Am optimizing this webpage for Organized Links For Yahoo Search Engine you need to use those keyword in your Link
    With the optimized link structure means you also have to use links with Good Link structureUse the hierarchical structure for the good result.

    Hierarchical structure

    Will Looks LIke this -

    Optimized Links Yahoo 

    source: yahootips.com

    15 July 2010

    How to Automatically Add Your Signature to Yahoo! Mail Classic Emails

    Once your Yahoo! Mail Classic signature is set up, you are certainly eager to use it. Normally, you'll append it to all outgoing messages. Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail Classic can do that for you automatically.

    Automatically Add Your Signature to Yahoo! Mail Classic Emails

    To add your signature to outgoing Yahoo! Mail Classic messages automatically:
    • Select Mail Options from the Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar.
    • Follow the Signature link.
    • Make sure Add signature to all outgoing messages (below the text of your signature) is selected.
    • Click Save.
    Yahoo! Mail Classic will now append your signature by default, but you can override this setting for individual messages by un-checking Use my signature on the message composition screen.

    11 July 2010

    Live Indonesian TV channels - Live TV

    FLO TV Personal Television PTV 350Watch online Indonesian TV channels
    You will find Online TV channels like RCTI, Trans TV, SCTV, Global TV, TV One and Mivo TV. Some channels might not work in your network.



    10 July 2010

    Sync Twitter with Yahoo Messenger for quick updates

    Sync Twitter with Yahoo Messenger for quick updates
    If you are addicted to Yahoo Messenger and Twitter, then Twitter Sync plug-in should make your ‘Techno Life’ real easy. No need to hop to Messenger Window & Twitter separately, with this plugin do it all from one place.

    This plugin allows you to sync Messenger status and Twitter without any fuss. So, when you change your Yahoo Messenger status, associated Twitter account also gets updated automatically. It has loads of other features including:
    • See your friends latest Twitters right in your messenger window.
    • Expanded window shows last 10 Tweets from you & friends.
    • Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received.
    • Update your Yahoo Messenger status from anywhere in the world.
    Besides above, there are number of options to configure Twitter-Sync plugin as per your requirement. From control panel: set how often you want Messenger to check for updates from your Twitter friends. Also control what kinds of Messenger status messages get pushed to your Twitter friends.

    Download WackyB Twitter Sync plugin and interface Yahoo MessengerTwitter like never before. Besides making things easy, it should save lot of time in the process of updating Twitter status and cool chatting with friend on Yahoo Messenger.

    09 July 2010

    Gas Detector - Portable Handheld Gas Detector

    Portable Handheld Gas DetectorPortable Handheld Gas Detector Putting safety within your reach Forget about messy soap-and-water testing forever! Innotek's Portable Handheld Gas Detector offers a faster, simpler way to test for the presence of propane, butane and natural gas leaks. At just 7-1/2 inches long, its compact design makes it easy to check around fittings and connectors, even in the smallest spaces. 

    This innovative new tool is ideal for everyone from professionals, who must search for gas leaks on a daily basis, to homeowners and travelers, who want to perform occasional safety checks on their barbecues or RVs. Powered by two AAA batteries, the Innotek Portable Handheld Gas Detector is a smart new tool everyone can use. It's backed with a five-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    08 July 2010

    Firefox Extension Facebook Video Download

    Firefox Extension Facebook Video 2.1.8 Download

    Download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside facebook passsteal.

    The popular Greasemonkey Facebook video script is now a full-Fledged Firefox addon that lets users download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside of Facebook.


    * Video Pages
    o Direct Link to FLV file so you can download video to your computer
    o Link to convert video to a format of your choice with Zamzar.com before download
    o links appear under video info
    o Embed code so you can embed any videos in sites outside of Facebook
    o Public video link found at bottom of video page
    * Walls and Inbox
    o Download and convert links
    o Embed Code
    o links appear directly beneath videos on wall and in messages
    * A wizard that lets you customize the embed code. You don't have to edit both the height and width. My script honors the Aspect ratio.

    Free Download Firefox Extension Facebook Video 2.1.8
    Download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside facebook passsteal.

    visit to download : http://www.brothersoft.com/firefox-extension-facebook-video-download-194351.html

    Facebook ChatBar Download

    Facebook ChatBar 1.4.1 Download

    This add-on gives you a set of emoticons at the top of all of your chat windows

    This add-on gives you a set of Emoticons at the top of all of your chat windows that you can click to insert into the text for a more convenient way to use emoticons in Facebook chat. It is a simple toolbar that is conveniently placed at the top of each chat window open. The icons are the actual Facebook icons that your friends will see in chat.

    Download here :  http://www.brothersoft.com/facebook-chatbar-download-382303.html

    07 July 2010

    How to Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List

    How to Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List
     Once your mailing list is set up in Yahoo! Mail, sending a message to the list is child's play (a lot of fun, yes!).

    Send a Message to a Yahoo! Mail Mailing List

    To send an email to all members of a mailing list you have set up in Yahoo! Mail:
    • Start with a new message.
      • Use the New or the Compose button to create a new message.
    • Enter your own Yahoo! Mail address in the To: field.
    • Type the name of your mailing list in the Bcc: field.
      • This is to make sure the list of recipients is not disclosed to the individual recipients.
    • Now compose and send your message.
    Yahoo! Mail automatically will replace the list name with all the list members' email addresses and distribute the message to them.

    Uruguay vs Netherlands : Forlan or Sneijder ?

    The big games are here. These last 3 games are the ones that world cups are remembered by. As we await the 6th of July, the four contenders namely Spain, Germany, Uruguay and Netherlands are hitting the ground in preparation for the two games which can be the biggest of their life.
    On the 6th of July Netherlands takes on the only South American team left in the final four – Uruguay. Not denying then their due credit but Uruguay must feel lucky to be in the last four after the game against Ghana. Suarez denied Ghana a spot in the final four by taking up the keeper’s role when the ball was heading into the net. On the other hand, Netherlands will feel that they totally deserved the little luck they had against Brazil.

    After knocking out five-time champions and favorites Brazil, Netherlands are full of confidence. Netherlands must believe that they can go all the way now, inspite of the fact that Germany or Spain will await them in the final if they were to beat Uruguay. Netherlands will bank on their star player Wesley Sneijder who was critical in their run to the semi-finals. Netherlands playmaker Wesley Sneijder has scored 4 goals in the tournament so far.

    Netherlands have the advantage of facing Uruguay in the semi-finals instead of Spain who are a much stronger team on paper. However, Netherlands will know that Uruguay have made it thus far on merit and they have the capability to produce the goods. Netherlands were ordinary in the first half against Brazil but that can be attributed to the flair of the Samba boys.

    Netherlands produced a total show in the second half as they dominated the possession and threatened Julio Cesar much more than they did I the first half. With Arjen Robben of Netherlands looking very dangerous as he turned and twisted past defenders, Brazil were pushed on the backfoot.

    If Netherlands are to win the world cup and firstly beat Uruguay they will need both of their star players – Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben to dish out a performance of the same intensity. Netherlands will have the full support of their Oranje brigade!

    Netherlands will take on the Uruguay side that will rely strongly on charismatic player Diego Forlan. Diego Forlan has been critical to the fortunes of the Uruguay team very much like Sneijder for Netherlands. Forlan scored an all important equaliser for Uruguay in the quarter final when they looked down and out.

    After Ghana opened the scoring through Muntari’s 40 yard stunner, Uruguay looked out of sorts. Ghana were the better team for a larger part of the moment and had it not been for Forlan ‘s moment of magic and Suarez moment of madness; Uruguay were going out.

    But for now Uruguay have a great challenge in front of them and they will go all out to extend this dream run.

    Interestingly, Uruguay are the only representatives of South America in the semi-finals.

    At the beginning of the quarter finals there was a possibility of an all Latin semi-final.

    With Luis Suarez taking a red card and suspended for this game, Forlan will have a mammoth task at hand in his striking partner’s absence. Suarez was and is in the race of the golden boot with three goals.

    Uruguay will have to give their best performance against Netherlands to make it to the world cup final. Uruguay have a history that remains to be reignited. They were the champions in the initial two editions of the cup and have gone missing since. Uruguay can revive their golden history if they do well against Netherlands.

    Here are the two teams and there runs in the cup so far.

    02/07-10 World Championship Uruguay vs. Ghana 1:1
    1:1 (OT)
    5:3 (AP)
    26/06-10 World Championship Uruguay vs. South Korea 2:1
    22/06-10 World Cup, Group A Mexico vs. Uruguay 0:1
    16/06-10 World Cup, Group A South Africa vs. Uruguay 0:3
    11/06-10 World Cup, Group A Uruguay vs. France 0:0

    02/07-10 World Championship Netherlands vs. Brazil 2:1
    28/06-10 World Championship Netherlands vs. Slovakia 2:1
    24/06-10 World Cup, Group E Cameroon vs. Netherlands 1:2
    19/06-10 World Cup, Group E Netherlands vs. Japan 1:0
    14/06-10 World Cup, Group E Netherlands vs. Denmark 2:0

    04 July 2010

    FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Goal Scorers

    On July 13, 1930, France’s Lucien Laurent scored the first-ever World Cup goal to kickstart a 4-1 win over Mexico. Since that afternoon in Uruguay, a plethora of players, both well-known and not, have added their names to the list of World Cup scorers.

    However, only a select number of players have been prolific enough to be counted among the greatest scorers in World Cup history. For some, it took multiple World Cups, while others needed just one appearance on football’s biggest stage to etch their name into the World Cup history books.

    There’s a good chance that this list will need some amending after the 2010 World Cup, if Miroslav Klose can find the net even just once in South Africa. At this point, however, he finds himself just outside of the very top of the charts. Who does he have to pass to get to the top? Here’s our break down of the greatest goalscorers in World Cup history.

    1. Ronaldo (Brazil)
    World Cup Goals: 15
    At 17, Ronaldo was a part of Brazil’s 1994 World Cup-winning squad, but he would not make his World Cup debut until four years later.

    By that time, he was firmly established as arguably the best striker in the world and showcased his skills in France, scoring four goals. He netted in a 3-0 win over Morocco in the group stage, grabbed a brace in a 4-1 win over Chile in the round of 16, and added his fourth against Holland in the semis, which Brazil won on penalties. Unfortunately, an ill Ronaldo and Brazil were held scoreless in their 3-0 defeat to the hosts.

    Knee injuries kept Ronaldo off of the pitch for much of the next few seasons, but he more than put any doubts to rest at the 2002 World Cup, winning both the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball. He scored in each of Brazil’s group stage matches (one vs. Turkey and China, two vs. Costa Rica), added his fifth in the round of 16 vs. Belgium, and put Brazil in the final by providing the only goal in the semis vs. Turkey. In the final against Germany, his goals in the 67th and 79th secured Brazil’s record fifth title, with the second goal equaling Pele’s mark of 12 World Cup goals.

    The 2006 World Cup in Germany would be much less glorious, as Ronaldo was soundly criticized for his weight. But before Brazil’s disappointing quarterfinal defeat to France, he managed to make history. After being blanked vs. Croatia and Australia, he tied Gerd Muller’s record of 14 with a brace in a 4-1 win over Japan. Then in the round of 16 vs. Ghana, he put Brazil ahead – and himself in the record books – with his 5th minute strike in Brazil’s 3-0 win.

    2. Gerd Muller (West Germany)
    World Cup Goals: 14
    Muller only took part in two World Cups, in 1970 and 1974, but given how prolific he was on both the club and international level, it’s no surprise that he racked up the total that he did.

    Muller scored nine goals in six matches for West Germany during their 1970 World Cup qualifying campaign, and he would score 10 in six during the finals in Mexico. He scored the winner in their 2-1 win over Morocco to open group play, and then he spearheaded convincing wins over Bulgaria and Peru with successive hat tricks. In the quarters against England, Muller netted the winner in extra time in a 3-2 thriller. He followed that with two extra-time strikes in the semis against Italy, but Italy won 4-3 to relegate West Germany to the third-place match.

    West Germany hosted the 1974 World Cup, and though he did not find the back of the net as often as he did in 1970, Muller very much had a starring role in the hosts’ triumph. Muller netted once in the first group stage, twice in the second group stage to help lead West Germany to the final. In the final against the Netherlands, he scored the winning goal – and his record-breaking 14th goal – in the 43rd minute in West Germany’s 2-1 win. That would be his last appearance for West Germany, and along with his then-record World Cup haul, Muller finished his international career with 68 goals in only 62 caps.

    3. Just Fontaine (France)
    World Cup Goals: 13
    While the other players at the top of this list all had the chance to tally their totals in multiple World Cups, Fontaine’s accomplishment is all the more noteworthy because all 13 of his goals came in the 1958 World Cup. Fontaine, who helped lead Stade de Reims to two Ligue 1 titles and a European Cup final in 1960, retired before the age of 30 due to injury, but despite an abbreviated career and opportunities on the world stage, made the most of his chance to etch his name into World Cup lore.

    Fontaine started with a bang, scoring a hat trick in a 7-3 win over Paraguay. In France’s next match, Fontaine scored the opener and a late equalizer, but Yugoslavia prevailed 3-2. He would, however, ensure France’s passage to the quarterfinals, scoring what proved to be the decisive goal in a 2-1 win over Scotland to close out group play.

    In the quarterfinals against Northern Ireland, Fontaine netted a brace in the second half in a 4-0 win to take his total to eight. France’s World Cup title hopes were dashed in the semis with a 5-2 defeat to eventual champions Brazil, but Fontaine scored his ninth (in the ninth minute, at that).

    He would save his best performance for last, completely dismantling West Germany in the third-place match. Fontaine had a hat trick inside 40 minutes, and he closed the scoring with a fourth goal in the 89th, putting the capper on a 6-3 rout.

    For what it’s worth, second place on the scoring charts was an astounding seven behind. Pele and West Germany’s Helmut Rahn scored a total that would’ve at least tied for the top total in seven of the last eight World Cups, but even combined, still came up short of Fontaine‘s lucky 13.

    4. Pele (Brazil)
    World Cup Goals: 12
    Pele made his World Cup debut at the tender age of 17, and what a debut it was. He set numerous records in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, becoming the youngest player to play in the World Cup, the youngest player to play in a World Cup final, the youngest World Cup goal scorer, and the youngest player to score a hat trick in the World Cup.

    Oh, and he scored six goals to help lead Brazil to its first World Cup title, and to boot, all six goals came in the knockout stages. A 66th minute strike defeated Wales in the quarterfinals, a second-half hat trick put France away in a 5-2 semifinal win, and in a 5-2 win over hosts Sweden in the final, he scored twice in the second half, with the first going down as one of the greatest goals in World Cup history.

    Four years later in Chile, Pele scored in a 2-0 win over Mexico in the opener, but after injuring himself in the next match against Czechoslovakia, he missed out on the remainder of Brazil’s run to a World Cup repeat.
    Injuries due to harsh treatment from opposition would limit him to just two group matches in the 1966 World Cup in England, and he would only score one goal (in a 2-0 win over Bulgaria) as Brazil were eliminated in the first round.

    Pele would put that behind him four years later in Mexico, scoring four goals to lead Brazil to a third title in four World Cups. He scored the go-ahead goal in a 4-1 win over Czechoslovakia in Brazil’s group opener, and he did the double in a 3-2 win over Romania to confirm Brazil’s place atop their group. He went without scoring in the quarterfinals and semifinals against Peru and Uruguay, but in the final against Italy, he opened the scoring in the 18th minute, setting Brazil on its way to a 4-1 win.

    5. Sandor Kocsis (Hungary)
    World Cup Goals: 11
    Along with another legend in Ferenc Puskas, Kocsis was one of the pillars of Hungary‘s great attacking teams in the late 1940s and early 1950s. As impressive as Muller’s scoring exploits were, he was outdone by Kocsis, who scored an astounding 75 goals in only 68 international appearances.

    Like Fontaine, all of Kocsis’ World Cup goals would come in one tournament, as he spearheaded Hungary’s run to the 1954 World Cup final in Switzerland with a Golden Shoe-winning 11 goals. He opened his World Cup account with a hat trick in a 9-0 win over South Korea, and he followed that with four in an 8-3 win over West Germany.

    Kocsis wouldn’t slow down in the knockout stages, netting a brace in a 4-2 win over Brazil in the quarterfinals, and he scored twice in extra time to deliver a 4-2 win over Uruguay in the semifinals. However, the World Cup would end in disappointment for both Kocsis and Hungary, who would go down as one of the best sides to fall short of World Cup glory. West Germany would fully avenge that previous mauling, holding Kocsis scoreless and overcoming an early 2-0 deficit to score a 3-2 win.

    Sadly, the Hungarian Revolution interrupted what could have been for Hungary, but though Kocsis played his last international in 1956, he went on to have a successful club career in Spain with Barcelona, before retiring in 1965.

    T7. Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina): 10
    Batistuta scored four goals in the 1994 World Cup, five in the 1998 World Cup, and one in the 2002 World Cup.

    T7. Teofilo Cubillas (Peru): 10
    Cubillas scored five goals in the 1970 World Cup, and eight years later, he repeated the feat in the 1978 World Cup.

    T7. Miroslav Klose (Germany): 10
    Klose found the back of the net five times in the 2002 World Cup, and he followed that with five more in the 2006 World Cup. Barring injury, he’ll have the opportunity to add to that total in South Africa.

    T7. Grzegorz Lato (Poland): 10
    Lato won the Golden Shoe at the 1974 World Cup with seven goals, helping Poland finish third. He scored twice in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, and he added another goal in another third-place showing by Poland in the 1982 World Cup.

    T7. Gary Lineker (England): 10
    Lineker is the only Englishman to date to win the World Cup Golden Shoe, as his six goals topped the charts at the 1986 World Cup. Four years later, he scored four more in helping England finish fourth.

    T7. Helmut Rahn (West Germany): 10
    Rahn scored four goals in the 1954 World Cup, including the winner in West Germany’s upset of highly-favored Hungary in the final. In the 1958 World Cup, he scored six goals in helping West Germany finish fourth.

    T13. Ademir (Brazil): 9
    Ademir won the Golden Shoe in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. There is some dispute about just how many goals he scored, however.

    T13. Roberto Baggio (Italy): 9
    Baggio scored twice in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, five times in Italy’s run to the final at World Cup 1994, and twice more in the 1998 World Cup.

    T13. Eusebio (Portugal: 9
    All nine of Eusebio’s goals came in the 1966 World Cup, as he won the Golden Shoe in leading Portugal to a third-place finish.

    T13. Jairzinho (Brazil): 9
    Jairzinho scored in all six of Brazil’s games in the 1970 World Cup, tallying seven goals total for the champions. He added two more in the 1974 World Cup.

    T13. Paolo Rossi (Italy): 9
    Rossi netted three times in the 1978 World Cup, but his crowning achievement came four years later. He won the Golden Shoe at the 1982 World Cup, scoring six goals to lead Italy to the title.

    T13. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (West Germany): 9
    Rumenigge scored three goals in the 1978 World Cup, five in the 1982 World Cup, and one in his final World Cup in 1986.

    T13. Uwe Seeler (West Germany): 9
    Seeler’s goals were spread out over four World Cups. He scored twice in the 1958 World Cup, twice in the 1962 World Cup, twice more in the 1966 World Cup, and three times in the 1970 World Cup.

    T13. Vava (Brazil): 9
    Vava scored five goals in the 1958 World Cup, and four years later, he tied five others for the Golden Shoe with his four-goal showing. Three of his nine goals came in World Cup finals, a record he shares with teammate Pele, England’s Geoff Hurst, and France’s Zinedine Zidane.

    T13. Christian Vieri (Italy): 9
    Vieri scored five times in the 1998 World Cup, and he added four more in the 2002 World Cup. Were he fit in 2006, he could have added to his total.

    by: Eddie Griffin
    Source : soccerlens.com

    Spain vs Paraguay 2010 World Cup Highlights and Results

    Paraguay vs Spain game is in full swing here. Till half time, no teams could score any goal in the match.

    Forget that Spain entered the game ranked No. 2 in the world (behind Brazil) and Paraguay 31st — the South Americans clearly outplayed La Furia Roja in the first place.

    There weren’t many chances overall, with just one shot on target for either team. Yet Paraguay looked sharper, closing down quickly on the Spanish players and never letting them find their patented short-passing rhythm.

    Plus Valdez nearly scored on a long ball into the box, or more precisely he did score but the goal was disallowed for an offsides call.

    Some questions: Can Paraguay keep up the defensive pace, or will fatigue create more space for the Spanish? Can Spain bring on some fresh legs (Llorente? Cesc Fabregas?) to get back on its game? Will Villa be heard tonight?

    Yahoo! Messenger Firewall Changes

    Yahoo official Messenger blog (ymessengerblog.com) that unspecified changes will be made to the way firewalled users will use Messenger. The article mentions that only users that are using version 8.x and signed in from behind a firewall will be affected. An official message will be sent by Yahoo! urging users to upgrade to the latest 9.x version of the software.

    From a programming standpoint this will most likely only affect Messenger operations that require a peer to peer (p2p) connection such as file sharing. When performing a peer to peer operation, Messenger makes a discussion (largely based on the firewall settings but not always) to either create a true peer to peer connection or to use the Yahoo! servers to create a pseudo peer to peer connection. 
    The pseudo p2p connection uses a Yahoo! server as a proxy to create the connection because one of the clients does not have to ability to accept unsolicited connections. I do not know why this is only affecting 8.x users because the 9.x series has the same capability to offer proxy connections. Perhaps this is a drive to get users to switch to the latest version but at any rate, users of 8.x software should still be able to use that version as long as you don’t need to use the pseudo p2p connection.

    Signed Out Settings on My Yahoo!

    My Yahoo! will be making a change to the amount of time we save changes that a signed out user makes to a My Yahoo! page from two months to twenty four hours. We will continue to allow you to use My Yahoo! to its fullest extent whether you are signed in or out of your Yahoo! account but if you wish us to remember all of the customization choices you make on any device or computer and across Yahoo!, then you must sign in to your Yahoo! account to save those choices.

    Every time you visit My Yahoo! when you are signed in to your Yahoo! account, we display all of your added content & pages, themes and personal customizations you’ve done. Regardless of which computer or device you use to access My Yahoo!, as long as you are signed in to Yahoo!, we’re going to display your personal My Yahoo! pages and your customizations.

    For those of you that utilize My Yahoo! when you are not signed in to your Yahoo! account, you have likely experienced a time when some of the applications you’ve added or customizations you’ve done have “disappeared”. This is because signed out personalization choices you make are tied to the browser you are using to view My Yahoo! and saved in “browser cookies”. If these cookies are deleted, either by choice or accident, you lose the personalization. Also, if you do not access My Yahoo! for an extended period of time, those browser cookies eventually expire.

    In addition, since signed out personalization is tied just to the computer or device you are using at the time and not saved to your Yahoo! account, you will not be able to access these personalization choices when accessing My Yahoo! from another computer or device.

     In short, if you wish to save customizations you make on My Yahoo! for longer than 24 hours and access them from any device or computer, sign in to save your settings.

    - My Yahoo! Team Lead

    03 July 2010

    Twitter And Facebook Becoming More Important For Job Recruitment

    Social networks lead all other recruiting channels for planned investment by employers as the economy rebounds, according to a new survey by recruitment platform Jobvite.

    The survey found 83 percent of respondents use or plan to use social networks for recruiting this year. LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%) are the most popular social recruiting platforms, while MySpace is used by 5 percent of respondents.

    "While the economy begins to recover, companies looking to make new hires are seeking the most cost-effective, efficient ways to find new talent. As our third annual survey shows, social network recruiting has become a mainstream channel for employers who need access to talent," said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite.
    "Job boards launched a revolution in recruiting more than 15 years ago. And now, social networks are doing the same -- but in a targeted way. Through social recruiting, companies are learning they can find the best talent efficiently, without making a major investment."

    Other highlights from the survey include:

    *92 percent of those actively hiring in 2010 currently use or plan to recruit via social networks

    *Among this group, 86 percent use LinkedIn, 60 percent use Facebook and 50 percent use Twitter for recruiting

    *In addition, 50% of hiring companies plan to invest more in social recruiting while only 17% will spend more on job boards and 36% will spend less.
    Source : webpronews.com
    By Mike Sachoff

    01 July 2010

    For Argentina defeat Germany in World Cup for a third time

    Diego Maradona's goal: For Argentina defeat Germany in World Cup for a third time
    Argentina will face Germany in Saturday's World Cup quarterfinal, and coach Diego Maradona is all too familiar with the Germans.
    Maradona played in four World Cups from 1982 to 1994, winning the trophy in 1986 and reaching the final in 1990 -- both times against Germany.
    "Diego has gone through every experience possible in football, and that helps us a lot," said current Argentina standout Javier Pastore. "If you've got a doubt about something or a question, he knows what to say."

    Germany says Argentina disrespectful to opponents, referees

    Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger accuses World Cup quarterfinal rival Argentina of showing no respect for opponents and referees, and urges his teammates not to be provoked.

    Germany eliminated Argentina on penalty kicks four years ago at the same stage and there were chaotic scenes after the shootout, with both sides exchanging punches and kicks in a fracas that included team officials from both benches.