04 July 2010

Signed Out Settings on My Yahoo!

My Yahoo! will be making a change to the amount of time we save changes that a signed out user makes to a My Yahoo! page from two months to twenty four hours. We will continue to allow you to use My Yahoo! to its fullest extent whether you are signed in or out of your Yahoo! account but if you wish us to remember all of the customization choices you make on any device or computer and across Yahoo!, then you must sign in to your Yahoo! account to save those choices.

Every time you visit My Yahoo! when you are signed in to your Yahoo! account, we display all of your added content & pages, themes and personal customizations you’ve done. Regardless of which computer or device you use to access My Yahoo!, as long as you are signed in to Yahoo!, we’re going to display your personal My Yahoo! pages and your customizations.

For those of you that utilize My Yahoo! when you are not signed in to your Yahoo! account, you have likely experienced a time when some of the applications you’ve added or customizations you’ve done have “disappeared”. This is because signed out personalization choices you make are tied to the browser you are using to view My Yahoo! and saved in “browser cookies”. If these cookies are deleted, either by choice or accident, you lose the personalization. Also, if you do not access My Yahoo! for an extended period of time, those browser cookies eventually expire.

In addition, since signed out personalization is tied just to the computer or device you are using at the time and not saved to your Yahoo! account, you will not be able to access these personalization choices when accessing My Yahoo! from another computer or device.

 In short, if you wish to save customizations you make on My Yahoo! for longer than 24 hours and access them from any device or computer, sign in to save your settings.

- My Yahoo! Team Lead

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