20 January 2012

The Price of Apple iBooks 2

iBooks 2 has a strong focus on textbook design, layout, and easy glossary searching. The books will focus on visuals in landscape mode and straight text in portrait mode. Like any good textbook, the Apple versions will have Q&A sections, critical thinking questions, and are packed full of images. Also included is a streamlined highlighting system that automatically converts your highlights into study cards. High school textbooks are priced at $14.99 or less.

 iBooks 2 is available for free as an update to iBooks in the link below : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id364709193?mt=8
Apple iBooks 2

14 January 2012

Invisible Nickname In YM Chat Rooms

YM INVISIBLE DETECTOR - You can appear in Yahoo Messenger chat rooms with no name via the "Invisible Nickname" trick. Click the "Edit Profile" option in the main Yahoo Messenger menu. In the "Nick Name" field, hit the space bar, then click "Enter." Alternatively, depress the "Alt" key on the computer keyboard, followed by the numerals 0160 or 255. Click "Save." Enter a Yahoo chatroom to appear with no nickname.