31 October 2009

Change Yahoo Messenger Skin

Yahoo Messenger Skin in default, use Indigo Skin. If you want to change Yahoo Messenger skin, there are 2 others skin that you can choose beside of Indigo Skin. In default, if you did not add others Yahoo Messenger skin such as Aqua Skin, You only can choose Classic Skin and Maverick Blue Skin. This tutorial used Yahoo Messenger 8 or lower such as 7 or 6. For Yahoo Messenger 9 its apply a different Skin, but the way you can change the Yahoo Messenger Skin still remain the same.

How to Change Yahoo Messenger Skin?

First, You need to login to Yahoo Messenger. This meant You have to online first. Then go to Messenger Tab, and choose the "Change Skin..." Link. It will deploy new windows of Change Skin that will appear you current skin and the other skin that available to change.
To change to classic skin of Your Yahoo Messenger Skin just choose Classic and press OK.

Yahoo Messenger :: Messenger :: Choose Skin... :: Classic (or whatever you want)

Note: Use classic skin will increase the performance speed of Yahoo Messenger and save you memory a little.

If you want more skin of Yahoo Messenger, you can download and install ym Skin from here.

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