20 August 2010

Tips - How to Block a Sender in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail can block all mail from up to 500 email addresses. All mail from these senders will be automatically deleted before you see it. 

Do not let the high number of potential addresses to block lure you into fighting spam with this, though. Spammers can use a fresh address (or domain) for just about every message. 

Use the list of blocked senders for individual senders whose messages you don't want to receive but can't stop easily. Instead of deleting every incoming mail manually, you can have Yahoo! Mail do the job. 

Block a Sender in Yahoo! Mail

To have Yahoo! Mail delete all mail from a particular address automatically:
  • Select Options | Mail Options... in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Go to the Spam category.
  • Type the unwanted email address under Add a blocked address:.
  • Click Add.
  • Now click Save Changes.

Block a Sender in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Yahoo! Mail Classic:
  • Follow the Mail Options link in the top navigation bar.
  • Select Block Addresses, which you can find under Management.
  • Enter the email address you want to be blocked under Add Block.
  • Select Add Block.
  • Select Yes to set the block.

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