12 February 2012

Benefits of Building a Yahoo Store

Yahoo store allows you to expand your business volume and sell more products. Yahoo store is the best answer that any expert could give you. It makes work easier for the admin and is customer friendly.

The ease of navigation gives advantage for the users and promotes your sales in a given period of time. It helps in reducing the operation costs and thus maximizes the profit margins. Building a Yahoo store allows you to expand your business volume and sell more products. The business owner can easily keep track of the products in inventory, processing payments, and can manage orders without any hassle.
  • Professional Design: Incorporating Yahoo Store in your online sales website will give a professionally designed look and offers user friendly environment. There are ample of design templates available to choose from. This instills a sense of confidence in running your business and attracts prospective customers to your e commerce website.
  • Pay Less, Get More: Hiring a professional web designer and getting the works done might be tedious. You might end up spending hundreds of dollars which does not assure any guaranteed returns. However, Yahoo Merchant Solutions come at distinct price of per month inclusive of thousands of templates that are custom designed. The entry level or the starter plan is a good option to start with.
  • Manage Products at Ease: Managing products with Yahoo online store is just a cake walk for you. It allows you to add up to 50,000 products irrespective of the chosen plan. The vendors are allowed to import an excel sheet having the information of products to be sold online. This saves lot of time and allows you to concentrate on marketing the products
  • Great Deal of Discounts, Coupon Codes, Gift Certificates: Yahoo store allows you to offer discounts and special packages for the products that you wanted to sell. You can even offer gift certificates to the customer which opens up a bigger market space for you. You can try to woe company orders which are usually larger in volume that helps in promoting your business volume and sales. Repeat purchases can be done by offering discounts to valuable customers. The flexibility offered in pricing, packages, discounts helps to grow your business exponentially.
  • Calculate Taxes Automatically: The store allows you to calculate taxes automatically depending upon your location. It helps you to calculate shipping costs for the products with all details inclusive.
  • Cross Sell and UpSell to Customers: Yahoo standard account allows you to cross sell and up sell your products. You can allow your customers to opt for additional products that will scale up your business and sales volume.
  • Payment Gateways: You can have several payment gateways that can effectively integrate with the store. On the other hand, yahoo has a tie up with First Data, an online payment gateway, which can be used for all business transactions with ease. It offers credit card processing at no extra charges. 
 Benefits of Building a Yahoo Store


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