14 August 2010

Oracle sues Google for patent infringement in Android OS

New York:  Technology major Oracle Corp has filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging that its Java-related patents and copyrights were infringed in the development of the Internet search giant's Android operating system.

Oracle filed the suit against Google in the US District Court of Northern California on Thursday.

The filing alleges that Google's Android operating system for smartphones infringes upon seven patents and related copyrights of Oracle's Java software platform.

"By purposefully and voluntarily distributing one or more of its infringing products and services, Google has injured Oracle America and is thus liable to Oracle America for infringement of the patents at issue in this litigation," the Oracle petition stated.

Oracle has sought unspecific damages and an action against the "continued acts of infringement" by Google.

Oracle had become the owner of the Java platform after its US $5.6 billion takeover of Sun Microsystems, which was completed earlier this year.

The Java platform is especially useful as it insulates applications from dependencies on particular processors or operating systems.
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