02 March 2012

Great E-commerce Solution

Great E-commerce Solution : Custom Ecommerce Solutions - Magento Ecommerce Solutions - osCommerce Ecommerce Solutions - VirueMart Ecommerce Solutions.

E-commerce solution has provided the people a convenience of buying and selling different products online, without taking time to go out in the market and purchase the product. Due to the rising trend of electronic commerce, every business is trying to stand out among their competitors. E-commerce solutions has helped many businesses and corporate enterprises in promoting their products and services worldwide and enabled them earn huge revenue without investing on a physical office or shop. Due to e-commerce solution, businesses can effectively expand their geographical reach as well as customer base. Services like Search Engine Marketing reduce the cost of marketing and advertising the products and services. E-commerce solution provides a business with a complete collection of its customer’s data that can be useful in many ways.

  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions:
Every business wants to carry out its online ventures smoothly. Custom Ecommerce solutions are designed to meet specific business needs and requirements of a company. Custom ecommerce solution helps business stand out among its competitors, with generic online shopping cards, specialized web design and web application development that suit their business needs and is also according to the type of products a company tends to offer online.

  • Magento Ecommerce Solutions:
Magento Ecommerce Solutions has gained immense popularity over the years and has become world’s fastest growing ecommerce solution. It is an advanced open-source e-commerce solution platform that offers flexible user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Magento features numerous plug-ins or extensions that can help in designing custom ecommerce solution that help a business in taking advantage over its competitors. The online shopping cards designed with Magento Ecommerce Solutions makes it easy for customers to search for their desired the product, catalogue browsing, add and edit items on their shopping card, securely order and also make secure transactions online. It also offers supports multiple currency, product comparison and tracking.

  • osCommerce Ecommerce Solutions:
osCommerce is a powerful tool for developing customized and secure online store for small businesses. It helps in managing online stores effectively and securely. It supports unlimited products and categories, multiple language and stores orders for fastretrieval.osCommerce Ecommerce Solutions mostly includes installation and set-up, custom themes and template design, module development, design integration, Search Engine Optimization, as well as support and maintenance services.
PrestaShop Ecommerce Solutions:

PrestaShop is a lightweight, customizable, cross-platform and open source PHP-based eCommerce solution development tool that helps in fast and easy navigation. PrestaShop Ecommerce Solutions are ideal for meeting the requirements of small and medium size organizations.

  • VirueMart Ecommerce Solutions:
VirueMart is the most proffered ecommerce solution for online store owners. This tool is written in PHP and is designed to work as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla Content Management System (CMS). It offers features like stock management, order management, sales management, billing and shipping. VirueMart also offers multiple price of same product, multiple catalogues. VirueMart Ecommerce Solutions are basically designed by Joomla experts, who can customize it to meet the demands of the online business.


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