18 November 2010

YM Invisible Detector & Hi5 Profile Detector

Check your buddy Yahoo Messenger status and Hi5 profile with Our invisible detector. Just Enter YM ID and you'll get the status, which is invisible, offline or online. Our status checker is a scanner that detects invisible users on yahoo messenger. It shows the avatar and also gives you the possibility to download avatar for free! Our status indicator works for all versions of Yahoo Messenger! It has also Hi5 detector that shows HI5 Profile for every user if he have one! Invisible Status on Y! Messenger! With Our Yahoo messenger Invisible Detector  you can now bypass Yahoo!

Secret Emoticons on Yahoo Messenger

Shortcut keys For Yahoo Messenger

Messenger, Chat, Phone, Email, or any other services provides by Yahoo, as well as websites like Pidgin, Meebo, Trillian or other free messengers based on instant messaging (im). With Our detector you will have a direct link to chat on yahoo messenger.  It's a free service for all users! the best Yahoo messenger invisible detector online.

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  1. check yahoo real and accurate status at yahoo invisible scanner which shows result whether they are really offline or invisible try it http://invisibleim.com


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