06 September 2010

How To Increasing your RSS Subscribers

More traffic is more RSS subscriber... This is some tips to increase RSS Subscribers, blog that have many subscriber can be called as successful blog. Deal? hehehe

1. Write Unique article, If your blog have Unique article so your visitor will be happy to be your rss reader, you can write the unique article like tips and trick that are rarely written by another writers, you must have good idea to do these. for example you can write the article like : “How to put TV to your blog, How to put radio online to your blog, How to delete the link on the footer of themes blog when it encryptable, etc.

2. Don’t write too long article, Your visitor is don’t like read your article that have too many “intro”, Your visitor will be happy to read your article that not too long, explicit article. So your reader can easily understand your article, and wish they can be your rss subscriber/reader.

3. To Increase your RSS reader/subscriber you can give your reader/visitor the interest offer if your reader ready to subscribe our article to their email. you can give the offer like “free ebook”, “free script” or etc that you deem is valuable, so your reader will be encourage to follow as your RSS subscriber.

4. Place your rss subscriber form that “eye catching”, so your reader not difficult to found the form, and wish they want to fill it and then be your rss subscriber.

5. Especially wordpress, you can using Stripe ad on the top of your blog, this can make your reader to knowing where you place your link to form RSS Subscriber.

6. last, you must do SEO, more traffic is more RSS subscriber.

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