03 November 2009

Y Link Y Exploit Tool; Just another Great Yahoo Tools

The name of this yahoo tools is Y!Exploitation v.2. With this yahoo tool yo can change password, account info, change birthday, unparent account, request new password, feedback, change language, unlock account, delete account, y security update. All that yahoo link under Y Link Button.

You can also make spacing a name, add pic to space name, change birthday, change age, unparent account, change account language, add nickname to account, fixing a rename account, make age over 999, caption name in java, create ghosted profile, return to default, geo pass change, extended ascii or games, IP sniff. It all under Y Exploits Button.

You can also make name or ID or username exploit under name exploit button such as: .chinabyte, kingsoft, dangdang, pchome, ctrip, csdn, soit, enet, pclk, 3721, sogua, herogame, @btinternet.com, 9you, 256, donews, zdnetweek, 520, and kele8.

Here, I give you a download link of Yahoo Exploitation v2. enjoy it. If some link not work just download updated software from its official website. Hope you satisfied!

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