03 November 2009

Skype Calls Voice Recorder to MP3 Audio Format - PrettyMay

This is a skype tool that work to record any incoming call of Skype and save it in MP3 Audio Format. That meant you will have a history call that you been done in Skype. This Skype Call Audio Recorder has a name : Pretty May. 

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PrettyMay is your personal voice assistant for Skype, You can record and replay any Skype call easily and simply.
PrettyMay is an add-on (or plug-in) for Skype. PrettyMay auto answers calls and chats for you when you are away or don't want to be disturbed, it can also do a lot of other things,for example,it's also very simple to share your recordings with your friends.
Features available in PrettyMay Skype Voice Recorder:
  1. Record Skype incoming calls, outgoing calls,saves as mp3 files with separate channel
  2. Skype answering machine
  3. Play sound effect in a conversation
  4. Record Skypecast(s)
  5. Broadcast audio(mp3 or wav format) in Skypecast
  6. Email notification/forwarding when receive new voicemail(s)
  7. Save Skype voicemail(s) as mp3 file(s)
  8. SMS notification when receive new voicemail(s)
  9. Real-time check voicemail(s) remotely from traditional phone/mobile,and call back the contact directly
  10. Use Skypeout credit from regular phone/mobile to call aboard friends
  11. Shortcut number dialing supported in remote call feature
  12. Join a Skypecast using regular phone/mobile phone
  13. Compatible with Skype 3.0 beta and Windows Vista
  14. Unlimited record time(for register user)
  15. Unlimited remote access duration(for register user)
  16. Easy to record your greeting messages directly from within PrettyMay
  17. Compatible with any soundcard or USB phone
  18. Full support of multi-user environments
  19. Export voice messages,voicemail(s) and recorded calls
  20. etc.

This Skype Voice Recorder is freeware software. You can download through softpedia here.

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