05 April 2010

Chat with your Windows Live friends - New Yahoo Messenger for iPhone

New Yahoo Messenger for iPhone: chat with your Windows Live friends
Now when you’re on your iPhone, your Windows Live friends will be able to see when you’re online, and send and receive messages from them. You can also add new Windows Live friends right from the app.

In addition to supporting Windows Live conversations, we also added more languages in a prior release. 

Those of you who speak French, German, Italian, and Spanish can enjoy Yahoo Messenger for iPhone in your native tongue.

If your iPhone is set to one of those four languages, Yahoo Messenger for iPhone will detect that automatically and load the same language.

To download the new version, tap the App Store icon on your iPhone and search for Yahoo Messenger (you may also see an update alert on your App Store icon). Or click here to download it through iTunes.

We hope you enjoy this latest version. If you have any technical issues with Yahoo Messenger for iPhone, please send us feedback by tapping on “Settings”, then scrolling down and tapping on “Report Problem”.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added one of the most requested features to our latest version of Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone (1.4): the ability to chat with your Windows Live contacts.

Thyaga Vasudevan
Product Manager


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